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Hello Everyone!

My hobby & company introduction

  • ● I love football.
  • ● Recently, I am running every weekend, and heavily training for entry Honolulu marathon!
  • ■ Good at investment
  • ■ It is possible to buying and selling an apartment, commercial building, hotel and resort area.
  • ■ We have an excellent reputation as a building maintenance and a value assessing.

The strength

Our survice and history

  • ■ Associating with one of the foremost law firm within Tokyo and best domestic house maker our client includes, listed companies and corporation works in conjunction with law firm, estates information can be introduced. Because all the information is coming via law firm, there would be no lawful troubles expected. Our Lawyers have MBA, and English qualification. Can produce contract in English. Building survey and cash flow at the point of purchase will be drawn up to realize more realistic help to your investment adoption. The management of building and maintenance are available. We also have properties in Resort area (karuizawa ,yamanashi,Okinawa, niigata) Can introduce medical doctor in Japan.

The difference in real estate between Japan and Hong Kong

Definition of Real Estate

  • ■ The real estate is regarded as the absolute asset in Japan. (the land is exempt from consumption tax as it is not consumable, however, the building is charged.) Japanese real estate market has very little price fluctuation ( this is because tax percentage increases when the property is sold within five years), therefore it can be stable investment by selecting the right property. Overseas investors for real estate are increasing to gain Japanese yen directly There is no regulation for overseas investors in real estate (notification is necessary) There are less investors for real estates in Japan due to economical depression .

Strength of alliance

There are logical reasons

  • ■ The opportunity of the emergence of new market for each other.. Zero cost for having contact services on both sides. Property cost ×~0.03 is commission income. Increasing name recognition in Japan as an agent for corporate owned properties. Currently, estate vendor who also has the oversea channel is very few. Priority association can entrenched you as a pioneer. We can arrange your trip to Japan with inspection of property and site seeing trip.

                                                        Akito kagasaki